Successful run for The Jungle Book

The entire cast of The Jungle Book came together for one final song at the end of the production, with Brian Johnston (left) as Shere Khan, Te Hunt as Baloo, Sue Hollows as the Chief Monkey, Jake Tither as Mowgli, and James Chaloner as Young Mowgli 2.

The Fiordland Players are hopeful the success of last week's production of The Jungle Book could mean a revival for the performing arts in Te Anau.

Fiordlanders travelled to the jungle last week to follow the adventures of Mowgli, Baloo, and Shere Khan in a musical interpretation of the beloved tale The Jungle Book. President Kathy Singleton said the production, which ran for three nights last week, was "absolutely wonderful" and the strong turnout and positive feedback the production received may signal a new chapter for the Fiordland Players.

"We haven't had a turnout like that for years and years."

They took in around $7000 in ticket sales, and the profits would go back to the Players, she said.

Mrs Singleton said she thought the success of the production came down to the strong number of children involved, the revival of the musical format after years of not putting on a musical, strong advertising and the familiarity of the tale itself. 

"I think it's got a nice feel to it, people could recognise what it was, and have an idea of what they were coming to see."

The group had previously been struggling to attract volunteers and crowds for the last couple of years; however, this year 51 people were directly involved with the show. 

The Players were also still keeping their eye on the long-term dream of opening up a multi-purpose arts centre in Te Anau that would open up more performance options for the group.

Mrs Singleton wanted to thank all the volunteers for the hours of hard work put into The Jungle Book.

"The people put the time in. The first night I was thinking, 'I'm so proud of you guys' and I was getting goosebumps the whole night. It was really great."


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