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Refugees healthy for community

Refugees. Make it a 'crisis' if you want, but it is actually a blessing. I was utterly dismayed to read Invercargill's esteemed mayor's response to the announcement that the city will host a number of refugees. In fact I am utterly...... Read More

Respect for our elders

June is Elder Abuse Awareness month. Older people are a vital, significant and valuable part of our society and should be treated with dignity and respect. Yet each year thousands of older New Zealanders are subjected to harm and distress, often, by...... Read More

Make a difference

The Tuatapere Community Worker Support Trust recently hosted a Community Information Night. One of the presenters was from the Electoral Commission who shocked us with some of the historical statistics regarding voter registration and turnout. It is...... Read More

A balancing act

I got out of bed, And, once watered and fed, Went off on my bike down the road, My job, you see, is to lighten the load, Of those with some woe, or funny shaped toe. The first wore a frown – his stool was not brown, But frothy, and white and...... Read More

Opportunities abound

I have been offered the opportunity to be a "Hot Topic" columnist and write a bit of a blurb on a few occasions throughout the year so it will be great to be able to keep you all up with the happenings in my role at Winton Community Support...... Read More

A wee problem with water quality

Off the Record Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith, along with his government colleagues, has come under some heavy criticism during the last couple of weeks, after announcing their plan to "clean up" the country's freshwater systems.  To...... Read More

Community Cohesion

Tuatapere Topics There is a tale of two small rural towns. Both with similar populations, similar local industries, an ageing population, an exodus of youth and little employment opportunities. In five years, one of the towns has revitalised...... Read More